Backyard BBQ

Flank steak and sweet potato salad.
over to the backyardky barbecue, now. vince, we have 19 now 432 chefs today. what exactly are we grilling? >> jonathan cambra we are grilling a bunch of it shall >> we are grilling a bunch of different stuffs, but let me introduce you to a couple of chefs, chef kevin and richard. ar what are wetm doilqngck? >> a nice grilled flank steak and we’re making a pineapple conut truffle. >> these are the chefs from the school. however, we have a couple of students over hevere. stand up guys. what’s your name. >> raphael. >> and? >> courtney. >> what are you cooking? >> i’mi’ going to be helping chef mcgovern cook the steak. >> and i’ll i be helping chef willette cook the coconut truffle. >> let’stmkx play musical chairs over here. tell us exactly what the ingredients are going to be. >> the ingredients for the mayor made sauce will be soy sauce, then white wine, then rice vinegar wine. then we’r



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