Back To School Pancakes

pancakes and eggs
>> two more days till back to school is happening wednesday. >> are you excited. >> okay, no comment. >> i brought my daughter, to sit with ally because car sen here from oakdale egg farms talking about the back to school breakfasts that not only are good for them but keep their brains moving all day. you don’t get that sluggishness at school. your kids are going back to school too. >> we’re all going back to school wednesday t is a an exciting week. >> do you do eggs. >> we allow eggs because they keep them full longer. >> what is that brain power that you done hit that afternoon slump. >> yes, exactly. >> what do they like with their eggs. >> we just like scrambled eggs, fried eggs but we also, you know, you can use them when are you making pancakes. >> i we are going to do today. >> so fun. >> with the kodiak cakes. >> have you ever had them. >> yeah, they’re in my cup board. >> they



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