Back To School Lunch

Back to school lunch
>> august is kids eat right month, the perfect time to talk to them about what guess in that school lunch. trish is back on the show, nutritious intent.com with all of her great ideas if you want to check that out. i like that you say involve your kids in packing those lunches. >> that is the only way it’s going to be a win. that’s the only way are you keeping it out of the tbar badge can in the cafeteria. honestly. >> you say let’s not put more lunches in the landfill. >> let’s not. >> let’s have your kids eating-. >> exactly. that means they need to packment and truly back to school is a time when everyone’s learning. kids need to learn how to pack their own lunch. you look at how many adults don’t take a lunch to work. it probably didn’t learn as a kid. get them learning now what is a good balanced lunch. how do i pack a lunch, make it a routine that they just know, a life skill. >> i



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