Back To School Econ

WTHI News 10
a day aw many kids, their parents may be having nightmares of dollar signs. acco rding to the national retail federation, the average family is expected to spend almost 550- dollars in back- to- school expenses. ne 10’s dan klein reports the tough economy is getting wabash valley parents working to keep that number as low as possible. the last of the summer sizzle. grilli for the burris family before 7 or children, ages 7 to 18, go backto to school. “it seems like a l ot to handl but we make do. we had a yard sale a few weeks ago, w close to 600 dollars.” but that evaporates quickly. the burrises give each child 100 dollars to spend on clothes. the parents spend an extra 30 to 50 dollars on school supplies, plus more on uniforms and sports equipment. “we usually allow a couple hundredhu dollars per kid, though that includes the clothes.”” the national retail federation estimates american



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