Babz Bistro

For this weeks food truck, we highlighted Babz Bistro!
guest: sous chef joao fernandes c1 3 and arc cakes guards not crabcakes we had to call croquettes because if 70 different vegetables, all of th vegetables that you can see on her table are incorporated into our food our foods is fresh and natural as we possibly make it now barbara this is one of my highlights right here your c1 3 and and we’ve also got to talk a little bit you kids you have expertise in food other than cooking we can bring all that will my background actually in journalism i started out as a food writer and i just couldn’t stand being behind-the-scenes i had to get in the kitchen so we brought them from food writing into really getting in the kitchen and this is one my favorite things to write about and could have written about it there’ll times eight bread pudding it’s made with donuts the donuts that are in an act are actually from northline coffee and donuts we wanted



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