Baby Spinach And Creamy Vinaigrette

Baby Spinach and creamy vinaigrette
>>> it’s time to “get cooking.” we’re at the chef’s academy, and joining me today is chef joseph hewitt. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> you’re going to prepare a salad for us? >> yeah, a real basic baby spinach salad with baby strawberry vinaigrette and dried fruit and seed mix. we’ve got some strawberries here that have been washed and sliced. put those in here. >> okay. > got strawberries, and then have the shallots in there. >> okay. >> just diced shallot. yep. next, we have some red wine vinegar. and basically, we’re going to make the base for the dressing, and then once that’s blended, we’ll emulsify the oil. >> mm-hmm. >> next is your honey. and we’ve got some really great honey today from martinsville. next is dijon mustard. you probably only need about half of that. and we get a little bit of kosher salt in here. and some freshly cracked black pepper. >> and that’s one whole



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