Baby Buggy Deviled Eggs

recipe from happy cookie lady
she be, of course, makes the most wonderful cut-out cookies for any occasion, especially you do a lot of baby showers. >> a lot of baby showers. a lot of my own kids’ baby showers. any gandkids? kids, eght grandkids. . she maketh ut utout cookies. you name the theme for your shower, weighed wedding or birthday, but especially baby showers, you’ve got the cookie cutter for it, right? >> yeah, we’ve got a lot of sizes too, the little one for snack tray or big one individually wrapped. >> great. call her ahead of time, from bibs to bottles to rattles to rubber duckies, onessies. these are so cute. >> teddy bears. >> and they are beautiful and taste really good too. >> thank you. >> other than cookies now, we’re doing a really fun baby-shower appetizer, and at least everybody i know loves deviled eggs at showers and parties. they seem like they’re the first thing that goes. >> i know at our



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