Baby Back Ribs With Apple-Mango BBQ Glaze

Baby Back Ribs with Apple-Mango BBQ Glaze
to our facebook fan page. >> eye and headed over to the kitchen with chef bob. — i am headed over to the kitchen with chef bob. we are making the baby back ribs today. >> we are going to do a it may go barbecue. — mango barbecue. >> we have to let people know about the ingredients. >> we have the baby back ribs. you can buy them like this. there are three basic styles of red. you can get the baby back, the sale louis cut — the st. louis cut, and the spare ribs. this shows — this is the most tender part. >> there are the ingredients. the sugar, apple cider vinegar. >> yes. brown sugar. the mango puree — i just took some frozen mangoes and pureed it in the blender. we have garlic, black pepper, a little bit of honey. let’s go ahead and get working on this. you do not need an apron as — an apron because we’re not going to get too messy. >> we are going to make a call slot a little bit



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