AZUL Restaurant Lounge

Experience Friday Night LIVE at AZUL Restaurant Lounge at the Westin La Paloma Fridays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.. Dine on the terrace and enjoy your favorite beverage while enjoying stunning sunset views of the Catalina Mountains and the sounds of an acoustic guitar.
> we are going to hop right into today’s show. let me paint a picture for you. it’s nighttime, you’re sitting on a patio at a chic restaurant and lounge sipping a glass of sparkling champagne. >> perfect. >> and latin lounge music is playing in the background. how does that sound? > sounds like my weekend plans. >> here to tell us more, the chef from azul. tell us what’s going on at azul right now. >> the night you just described. every friday night, we have beautiful fire pits on the patio. there’s live music, a guitarist or some music playing. nice to have a glass of wine, watch the sunset at a beautiful location. >> let’s get to the food. what you brought over here is really, really beautiful. >> this is a tomato goat cheese tartlet. and what is the story behind this? i understand there’s quite a story. >> i grew up in new jersey and we have a farm, johnson’s farm, and every weekend,



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