Aww Shucks Corn Harvest Happening Tomorrow

25,000 ears of corn will be harvested by hundreds of volunteers tomorrow.
area families will have free food on their table tomorrow. and it’s all thanks to a partnership between snack pak 4 kids and a local farmer. kamr local fours blessing woksman gives us a preview of saturday’s aww shucks corn harvest. (jackie:) she joins us live in studio with our heart of the high plains. blessing it was not too long ago you did a story on the beginning stages of the corn. (blessing:) jackie that was two months ago in june, when it looked a lot like this. just little sprouts that had only been in the ground for a few short weeks. but when we saw it this morning, those little sprouts now look like this. (blessing:) in the span of just three months, 25-thousand ears of corn will be harvested by hundreds of volunteers. and they say they plan to get it done in two hours so they can distribute it out to the community. when the seeds were planted for the cornfield in may, offic



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