Avoiding Weight Gain During The Holidays

How to stop your self from packing on the holiday pounds with some low-fat options
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” you know, the holiday season is really hard, and by the time it’s all over, we move the belt over here, and over here, and then toward the end we just let it all lose. >> do we really have to say the word diet? how about just going for a little self-control. >> well, we’re going to show you great tips a recipes today. and the first thing i recommend is to always start with some soup, it’s broth and it’s filling and be a great hunger cutter before the meal, and you can do it with or pasta, and you can start with lean hamburger or italian sausage and just put in a little onion, celery, and carrots. now, my family doesn’t like the onions, so you can omit that easily, and you get the petite diced tomatoes and stir and simmer until the meat is done, about 10 minutes and then add a little italian zoning and some low sodium beef broth and then dump in ma



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