Avocado Pico & Sauce

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welcome back to “san antonio living.” a lot of us are trying new recipes for the new year. >> we’ve got a way to spice up some dishes with some spices. >> this is a gre way to showcase you can do meat, poultry, pork, fish, whatever, and some great sauces that will go good o any of these dishes. we’ve got healthy sauces and maybe some alternatives. and i’ve whipped up the mango pico can go on all of the grilled meats. we have some salmon. healthy fats. skinless chicken and then we have some tenderloin which is very low fat. i have some mango pico. >> let’s try it on the salmon. >> i would bet it would go best with the salmon. that looks really good. it’s always good to start with the fresh foods that are in the outer rings of the grocery store. you make it look beautiful. >> we’ve got another sauce. >> fou ingredients. it’s going tomullatt. a which is hazel nuts. i’m going to put some lem



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