Average Joe Walks Down Elmwood

Average Joe walks down Elmwood
a hot summer day like this one than to get some sugar in your system )) (( i’m gonna need some energy but i don’t want anything to slow me down. i guess i would recommend some fresh sorbet we make a lot of gilatos and sorbet’s here)) ((i think i might recommend some coconut lemmongrass honey ginger for you )) ((i think i will top it off with just a little splash of some vanilla vodka..vanilla vodka? well i’m on the clock dave ha ha ha. )) ((what do the kids like about this place? kids like that we’re in their neighborhood. over ont he side we used to serve ice cream but we moved everything up front now and they like that they can come in and they can get some cookies get some gelato ice cream. )) ((hey dave thanks again i really appreciate it thank you. allright i’m gonna take my lemmongrass…i’m just gonna take my gelato skiddadle)) ((allright well i’m done with my sorbet and i’m just



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