Avanzare Italian Dining – 9/25/17

Avanzare Italian Dining – 9/25/17
[?] >> guest: hi, i’m tony garcia from avanzare restaurant. we’re trying to do everything home made and to the most best that we can in the restaurant like cut our own steaks and seafood, whole fish and do all our own stocks and soups. it’s a lot of stuff that we do in the restaurant. we’re trying to make the most we can on the restaurant. we’re going to use a lot of creams on the sauces and stuff. it’s a little more — everything made by scratch, like mediterranean style. i have home made raviolis. but the change now is with the ricotta and spinach. that’s the change. it will be with tomato cream sauce and basil. that will be one of the items. it’s really, really nice. i’m really proud of it. the next item we’re going to make more bigger meatballs and special. because people want the meatballs that i don’t really make. i’m going to have that once or twice a week. and then, i’m going to



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