Avanzare – 9/11/17

Avanzare – 9/11/17
[?] >> joy: help us welcome our good friend tony garcia from avanzare. he’s back with us today. it’s good to see you! >> kelly: yes. good to see you. >> guest: great to see you again. >> joy: we’re going to cook seafood today. you’ve got the red hot skillet, how do you do it? >> i do it so it won’t stick in it. i’m going to make it salt and black pepper. i’m going to put it on one side and put it in the skillet. and i’ll put it on the other side. >> kelly: he makes it look so easy. >> joy: he does. by the way, obviously here he has salmon and scallops and shrimp. so it’s a lot of seafood. >> guest: sometimes i’m going to have the skillet hot so be careful. i don’t want to use oil on the skillet. >> kelly: right. so on the plate and then put it in. >> guest: so it won’t stick in it. >> kelly: i have to ask you. because people don’t know that they can order their salmon different ways. you



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