Author Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley visits with Mary on family dinners.
>> and trying to find quality time together and this is back to the table month and tips on how to re-keg dips and host mom of seven hanna keely. nice to see you. >> well thank you so much. let’s talk about this campaign. what is it? >> it is back to the table month and they make it a priority to have a meal around the table. it is something that i know that i am busy and these are dropping to the list. >> and this is not just about the meal it is great to connect and come together and really be a unit together as a family but, also, you find ben fess across the board for your kids do you so much more when eating a meal together as a family. >> and have you a lot of kids so i know that it is good for family meal time you can get them in the kitchen. i don’t care how old the child is. there can be something done in the kitchen to get a meal on a table. they are not just sitting down they



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