Australia Day

Australia Day is January 26th, and HGTV’s Jamie Durie talks with us about how to celebrate this holiday here in the states.
>>> well, some shrimp on the barbie. australia day. >> you are close. > i think you insulted most but you are close. >>> our executive producer kayla thomas and ways to celebrate with our friends down under. >> christmas and new year’s passed and valentine’s day is more than a month away. the ground is covered with snow and we need a way to celebrate. how about australia day. it is coming up january 26th hgtv jamie is here with fun ideas. oprah loves him. so do we. g’day, jamie. >> g’day, mary. >> it is kayla. we switched on you. >> sorry about that. >> it’s okay. i understand. first tel us what australia is all about. >> australia is about celebrating with your friends and family and celebrating all things australian. in 1788 captain philip came and brought with him the very first grapevine and we have been growing amazing grapes ever since and in fact, 130 different varieties and creat



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