AustinHealth: Immune Boosters

Some people may be looking for ways to stay health without medication, and a new crop of products aims to boost your immune system naturally.
than gulp it down. looking for ways to stay healthy without medication? a new crop of products aims to boost your immune system … naturally.but do they work? lynda baquero takes a look. look. a bowl of berries, a spray of flower essences.they’re among the newest products on the market designed to give your immune system a boost — naturally.andrea donsky, co-founder of naturally savvy.com, says it boils down to reducing stress. stress. andrea donskyco-founder, naturallysavvy.com says, “getting nervous about something and creating that fear around and anxiety around it, that in itself has a reaction on our immune system.” that’s where rescue remedy comes into play.”you just put two drops on your tongue and it helps to alleviate the stress, it helps to relax you.” so does oil of oregano.”you can put a couple of drops under your tongue and wait ten seconds and then take a glass of water.”



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