AustinHealth: Food Safety Vote Fails

A sweeping food safety vote failed in the House, and it may get another chance at life Thursday. Critics, some from farming states, said lawmakers tried to push the bill through too quickly. The bill would have given the FDA more authority over America’s food supply.
today.critics – including some from farming states – say lawmakers tried to push the bill through too quickly.the bill would have given the “food and drug administration” more authority over america’s food supply.supporters said re passage was necessary to protect people from getting sick by unsafe foods. foods.y t rep john dingell: this is an important step which will rtprotect american people who are today being killed, sickened and hurt by unsafe foods brought by unscrupulous people. people.puthe bill would give the f-d-a authority to order recalls and require the agency to develop a system for better tracing the source of foodborne illnesses.



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