AustinHealth: Eating Local

With all the food contamination scares in recent years, more Americans are paying closer attention to where their food comes from, and many are opting for food grown closer to home.
are opting for food grown closer to home — even buying into what’s called “csa” or ‘community supported agriculture’ … where local farmers supply shareholders with a bag of fresh veggies each week.shareholders pay the local farmer up front….then during the growing season… the farmer delivers a healthy share of each week’s harvest. harvest.lisa marie nisely / csa member:”we get to look them in the face. they get to know us. and they’re accountable to their clients.” clients.”sammy koenigsberg / csa farmer:”people want to know more about where their food’s coming from.” from.”there are several c-s-a programs in the austin areato find one..log onto local- harvest-dot o-r-g.prices vary around the country, but most families can expect to pay about 500- to 800-dollars a year. scientists



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