Aunt Gloria’s White Fish & Zucchini

Aunt Gloria’s White Fish & Zucchini
right now in pawtucket and you can find out more on thi program, and tv’s merit d. i didn’t you could riff. of zuccini dishes. starting with squash blossoms the first time around and the second time, a fish dish with a zuccin >> do me ahim. we get a tight shot of this wasp. [laughter] >> tell us about the ingredients other than the welbalsamic glaze. second time around fish dish. you can use anykind of white fish that isope la wine. >> that’s good wine. >> 10 bucks a bottle. people like that too. >> i had som e of his reds and they are pretty decent. >> he has a wide range. i love that guy. >> bye-bye bumble bee. >> the thicker one will take you half hour to 45 minutes in the en. >> all in all pretty easy. >> we’re going to start over to you. >> all right, thank you. a great resource we have here in the ocean state that a lot of us don’t always use are farmer’s say, this is a beautiful c



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