August Is National Peach Month

We’re bringing a favorite recipe back from the archives to celebrate National Peach Month. Check out this peach pizza recipe that Rachael made with Tommy Fitzgerald back in October – and it still tastes great!nnThis easy recipe comes to us from Chef Tommy Fitzgerald of Cafe Stella. Tommy is one of those chefs who uses his hands to ‘measure’ stuff, so this is as close to a recipe as we have to share:nn1 ready to bake pre-made pizza crustnDrizzle crust with Olive Oil (Tommy likes Extra Virgin Olive Oil)narrange a handfull of beautiful, fresh Michigan peaches on crustntop that with a handfull of sliced red onionsnPile on as much crumbled bleu cheese as you likenSprinkle on a bunch of parsley & chopped green onionsnStop here, or add the bacon – no bits, here…big chunks of real bacon tastes bestnnFor more of Tommy’s Tips, check out his website site and keep watching!



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