Auctions For Fine Wine Sparkling

A Special Report: Wine Expers Remain Bullish on Fall Season Admist Plummeting Housing Market
>> the subprime mortgage must ertainly have impacted credit markets, chuppa hedge fund and a threatened the overall economy. as the fall auction season kicks off, there is one market where there is no liquidity crisis. forgive us. it is one where prices keep climbing, fine wine. carol massar has the story. >> 4500, 6000. >> 1000 anyone? >> 19,000. >> 55,000, that’ s it. >> options for fine wine have sparkle this year with buyers paying record prices. >> a thousand dollars to 4710. >> we saw prices rise 30% in the spring season. prices are higher than they have ever been before. democracies highlights the spring, a case of 1985 — >> christie’ s highlight was the one that went for $237,000. n february sotheby’ s sold in 194514 $310,000. and in may bottles auctioned of 1945 wine for almost $42,000. the collapse of the u.s. housing market and ripple effects of financial markets have r



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