Attepmting The Impossible

Ann and Alex try to do the impossible. 6 Saltines in 1 minutes without water. The other is 3 twinkies in one minute with out water. nnTry it at home and tell us how it goes!
welcome back to the “morning blend.” today we’re going to do something unique, we haven’t done this before. lots of kids out there are doing food challenges. >> and adults. >> and adults. >> they’ve become very popular. we figured we’d give it a try. there’s a very well known. six salt teen crackers in 60 seconds, one minute. you can’t drink water. >> i want you to go first. >> twinkies. >> twinkle. >> three twinkles in a minute. >> three twinkles in a minute, you can’t drink water and i actually don’t even rember the last time we had a twinkle. are we ready, i think our producer as a time. >> go. they are delicious. 150 calories in one twinkie by the way which you need. you’ve got to go faster than that. 10 seconds in. keep going. ok, and another challenge. 300 calories if you’re starting on your second one. this is a man’s challenge, not a lady’s. a delicious challenge. how we doing? g



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