Atomic #7

Want ice cream that’s out of this world?! Then you should check out Atomic #7! Ginger Corbett brought the perfect summer treat to the studio, all in celebration of National Ice Cream Day this Sunday!
>> there we go. perfect. can welcome back. what do you get when you combine night zen with organic compound. >> ginger of atom in thi number 7 joins us with the greatest invention ever. first of all, ginger thank you for bringing us food. they don’t feed us here. >> it seemed that way. i got the order in yesterday. >> shawn: excellent. tell me all about where the idea came from. > it came out of a need. my best friend is lactose intolerant and there’s nowhere to get ice cream. they decided to do our own. >> dao: you always loved you ice cream so you did that. >> i love food in general and i didn’t want a whole big restaurant but ice cream seemed like the first step. >> dao: your in food. you used to be a lighting person. that cracked me up that you went a different direction. >> shawn: she did lighting for madonna. >> a crew,. >> shawn: still, for madonna. now you’re doing something more



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