Atkins Savory Suppers – Mass Appeal

Prepare entrees easily and quickly with farm fresh ingredients. Chef Roger Frigon from Atkins cooks Family Style Shrimp and Rice in our kitchen today.
22news at noon. >> here we are. savory suppers is your kitchen away from home where you can prepare entrees with farm fresh ingredients, the pioneer valleys first meal prep and assembly center. >> we have been doing it three years, we had the three-year anniversary in may. >> chef roger frigon from atkins, the conveniently located atkins farms country market in amherst. >> where 116 and bay road meet. >> very good. very easy. >> yes indeed. >> what are we making today? >> today family style shrimp and rice, similar to a shrimp and rice pilaf. if you guys would like to take a look at the assembly instructions, this is what we’ll be doing. if one of you want to do step number 1 and one step number 3, i’ll finish sauteeing the shrimp. >> we have the thinch thing in the quart size thing. do we need loves? make sure you wash your hands before you get into the kitchen. >> chef roger frigon, ho



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