At The Lofts

We’re at the NYLO Lofts outside on the patio making a refreshing drink known as the Bleachery Breeze.
cookies over there? >> we’re going to make ice cream sandwiches. >> i love you, matt. until then, back to you guys. >> we’re at the lofts inside nylo providence warwick. outside on the patio, it is so nice out, summer has finally joined us, i’m so psyched jenna, she won the apprenticeship contest. i haven’t seen any so long. >> it’s been a couple of weeks. >> we’re making summery drinks. what are we making in. >> we’re making the bleachery breeze. >> what is the bleachery breeze? >> it has been made up by our director of food, it’s been inspired by down the street, we have the old fruit of the loom factory, so they used to bleach all of the underwear and wonderful garments and this is r variation and owed to them. >> we won’t find underwear in the drink? >> not that i’m aware of. >> how do we make it. >> first we’re going to start off, start with a little jigger here, we also have fresh



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