Ask Deanna: Best Reuben

Delores Bean wants to know where she can find Albuquerque’s best Reuben sandwich. Deanna looks for the answer.
deanna. this weeks question comes from delores bean of albuquerque. where is the bestis reuben in town? this was not an easy question to answer, since it depends on who you talk to, but we do have some great suggestions. the reuben is nott a new mexico born sandwich, and sleauthing the ngbest of albuquerque posed ase challenge. larry barker investigates all sorts of stuff..of .his conclusion? 4432 thats easy. dees cheesecake factory that is y the most authentic new york deli in nm. 41 45:01 it is authentic …big portions, good price it is scrumptious 45:09 46:56 i used to eat ed reubens as a k idid but i have found the bread is dry and the meat isnt me that tasty. 47:04 so :0i don’t eat as ofteasn as i used to 05 found o ne at ou nerelish in down town abq. 47:09 now some folks behind the scenes here. paul burt, bmanaging editor a more functional perspective. 48:49 route 66 malt shop cen



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