Asian Crawfish Parasite Sends Health Spiraling

Eating craw fish can be dangerous or even fatal as our Linda Hurtado explains.
what doctors are seeing in today’s taking action for your health report. >> you’re doing great. >> reporter: another busy night in the brewer family kitchen, with 21-year-old adam playing master chef. he nearly lost his family and more a few months back. >> it was weird that a doctor could tell you they didn’t know what was wrong you with. >> a boat trip down the missouri river left him in bad shape. and doctors didn’t know why. >> none of them, not in my area, and you know, he doesn’t have this and this, so they would rule that out. >> i was pretty much a puzzle to all of the doctor, i guess. pretty much everybody. >> reporter: with the health spiraling all tests came back clean and doctors at washington university school of medicine in st. louis asked him a simple question. >> had i ever eaten raw crawfish. >> reporter: why? some rivers have been deluged with a tiny parasite in crawfis



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