Asian Cooking Segment

Asisan Cooking Segment
at the barbecue, we’re here in the kitchen making asian cuisine. thank you for coming. >> good morning, good morning. >> what are you making? >> it’s a little business spicy. steamed greens. we toss it up. and this uh, yellow pepper, make more color. >> you keep stirring and working all your magic. why is it when we want chinese food we always go out four it. this seems pretty easy. >> we whip it up in no time. this is all part of our new program we’re launching at baltimore national college. food enthusiast classes. thursdays evenings around 6:00. we’re really looking forward to bringing the whole community into our college, our state-of-the-art building and starting something new. >> is this an opportunity for somebody who says “i like to cook, but maybe i’m not ready for a full-time commitment?” >> pretty much, yes. they get to work right in our classrooms, in our laboratories, with o



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