Asian Black Bean Salad W/ Pork Tenderloin

Linda Giuca makes an Asian Black Bean Salad w/ Pork Tenderloin
you how. welcome linda guica. >> thank you. >> asi black bean salad, asian ingredients in the dressing, ginger. >> we have a little pork tenderloin on the side here that sonia will be having later on. >> yes. >> sounds delicious. a salad, easy to make. it doesn’t take us an hour. let’s dive right in. >> well, we’re going to add black beans. >> how much? >> i doubled this recipe for the show so we would have lots to work with. the recipe – we have a couple so that the staf could have — >> i’m glad you know, linda. >> a couple of cups of black beans, rinsed, drained well. a couple of cups of corn. this happens to be frozen corn, but when the season is in, i would suggest putting the corn on the grill so that you get that nice smoky flavor, cut the kernels off and add them. >> what can i do? >> get the dresing going. a few tablespoon of sesame oil, and rice vinegar, and both of the items,



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