Arugulas Salad

carmella’s salad recipe
this is a family business, and we’re going to make our riewg a salad. karen, who is our pastry chef, and our second in the kitchen is going to whip up a litle vinaigrette, then we’re going to put a salad together, one of our most popular salads because it’s savory and sweetnd it’s got crunch to it and a great apeal. we’re going to put in some sherry vinaigrette and mustard to give it some emulsifierment and as you whsk it together, you can see it’s going to be coming together as a vinaigrette. you can use any vinegar or oil you want depending on your taste. that was balsamic vinegar. now lately honey to give it a little swetness. we’ll put a pinch of salt and pepper in there to give it a little taste. then you emulsify it with the olive oil. that will bring everything together and make a vinaigrette. at home if you want to make a vinaigrette you can leave out anything you want and ad anh



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