Artichoke Tapenade Recipe

From the Jones family
>> welcome back to our holiday recipe show. you know who is here with us, lois, bailey and tabbi. how long have we been doing this? >> years and years. >> how old were the girls when we started? >> she was in my stomach and she was 1 and now she is 14! and this is how it is in the kitchen at our house. my mom is doing everything and the girls are helping and i’m trying to learn because she is definitely the cook of the family, and so are you guys ready to show some of the things we like to do? fantastic! and we’re going to make an appetizefirst of all. because a lot of times you have to take things for a party, maybe you’re going to a party and before the big meal, people coming over, you want someone for them to munch on, and my mom lives this recipe. it’s something you can do in advance. right, mom? >> yes, and as a matter of fact if you make it in advance it has time to mature or mari



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