Are You Eating Breakfast?

A fitness expert explains the importance of eating breakfast. She will have a visual example of the best fuel to start your day.nnIf you are trying to drop a few pounds or looking to eat healthier, you won’t want to miss this demonstration.
so rember how mom used to tell you eat your breakfast. >> no surprise. she was right. a survey shows 60% of american families miss out on this most important meal of the day. they are not getting the day started right. >> no. i get headaches. >> if you don’t eat? >> yes. >> why do so many of us skip out on breakfast? is it becauser we are in a hurry or don’t like the feeling of eating in the morning. >> it is time to give your morning meal a makeover. >> sara is here to help. a personal trainer and physical fitness expert and never, ever skips breakfast even though she has three children. >> is that true. >> yes. >> on the run sometimes but a healthy run. >> that’s good. >> it is a science of figuring out what i like. we are all different. you won’t like what i like every morning but it works for me and i feel great. >> people are always in a hurry. >> yes. >> on the weekend sometimes we



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