Arby’s Meat Mountain

Michelle heads to Arby’s to try an enormous sandwich that isn’t even on the menu.
service – maybe some curly fries. but at arbys – they have the meats. and this week on kitchen insider – they proved that by whipping up a sandwich so big – it’s sure to satisfy any appetite. track 1 calling all the meat lovers out there! if you haven’t paid a visit to arby’s – you might want to. “we have all the meats we have turkey pit smoked ham 13 hour smoked brisket our roast beef is cooked in house every day.” track 2 surrounded by so much competition – general manager cody schwenk says what makes them stand out is their customer service. “we hold everything to a higher standard our food quality is higher so its higher menu point but definitely just the service brings in the customers.” track 3 today we’re making two sandwiches they offer – their meat mountain – which isn’t even listed on their menu — and their roast beef gyro. first up – the meat mountain. which can be ordered ho



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