Apple Tarte Eleanor

Recipe from Chef Richard Palm.
tart. >> welcome. today ‘re going to be doing apple tart ella nor. very clasic french apple pie, that we make with an al mond cream, show you how to do, and serve with a carmel sauce and swirl of vanilla whipped cream, and it is god, with the best vanilla ice cream you can have. we start the almond cream, one stick of butter, and sugar. and we have it, and we have to get that nice and creamy. and then we add almond powder, and flour. you can make your own, taking almonds, and freezing them, and processing them until they get to be a flour consistency. you have to do it in two steps because if you do it all the way through, you’ll wind up with butter. freeze it. get it halfway, and put it back in the freezer, and then reprocess. now, see the consistency, very nice. and in that, goes, that’s all nicely creamed. we’re going to add one tablespoon of dark rump. two eggs and one eg at a time.



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