Apple Raisin Peanut Butter Quinoa

We’re cooking Apple Raisin Peanut Butter Quinoa in the kitchen with Chef Corinne Goff from Whole Foods.
new site.w let’s head over to the kitchen. patrick little. >> we have whole foods here this morning, and i have tondo look at my notes here this morning, , we’re cooking quinoa,in bonnie from whole foodsle is here, and nd you’re a nutritionn coach, you’re coaching us on nutrition. i need a nutrition coach. this is back to school, good snacks for the kids getting backinac to school. oo let’s start with you and y talk about nutrition in a second. talk all about a it. >> we’re talreking healthy breakfast, we wantbr to educate e people about different ingredients that we have pat whole foods t o suppoort healthy eating, like corinne is a nutrition excellence coach and her role is workingle with custom ers and showing them those different things, so we thought we would come on and cook something differ ent, quinoa. >> quinoa. one of theon things, i have two i kids and trying to a convince the



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