Apple Popcorn Fest

apple popcorn fest
when he went for a swim and did not re- appear. department of natural re officer matt tholen sayshe annual brookston apples to have been av a factorped the community usher in a new >> the annual brookston apple popcorn festival helped the community usher in a new season…autumn. renetta dubose takes us there. (nats) >>renetta dubose: hundreds of people crowded the streets in tr the heart of brookston for the sights, sounds, (46:11) >>barry stone: the carmel is really sweet.al >>renetta dubose: whole, sliced and diced apples…ic (nats of l inda) can i help someone please? >>renetta dubose: and popcorn. (nats of linda) $2.00 (50:24) >>steve hall: everything here is homemade. (55:56) >>linda hall: white county is: like the popcorn capitol. we raise over 23 thourasand acres of popcorn. there used to bebe a huge orchard here in ha brookston. they used to tohavehe a store here on 43 and sold



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