Apple Pie Recipe

From the Mazza family
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we are in the kitchen with mr. maza — >> okay, i have a question, on the note card there is a name here, david. >> when you’re on living it’s dave. >> but that is kind of how i am, and my recipes are simple like that, too. >> and we have to give background on this and you rolled up with key lime pie in november, but i wanted you to go a little bit wintry. >> and monica was on and said no key lime this year but i learned a new recipe. >> i’m really excited. >> i made apple pie, >> and you made it all by yourself? >> except for the crust, but we can’t show the finished product — >> this is the pie crust, any kind. it comes frozen and i know lois makes really pie crust, or do you use this sometimes? she makes real crust. >> i want to be eating the pie, before anyone else. >> so you don’t want to waste time. >> no. >> okay, so what do we do. >> we g



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