Apple Muffins

Air Date: November 25
tim at the westmark. this week on fairbanks flavor, he has a recipe that will go great with some of your favorite breakfast foods… chef tim>> “hello, my name is chef tim here at the westmark kitchen and today on fairbanks flavor we’re going to be doing apple muffins. i love muffins. they’re a great way to start the day; they’re a great with eggs and bacon. lately in the last few years, muffins have tended to become a lot more cakey and sweet so i like mine to become just a little less sweet, so we’re going to start out with our dry ingredients here. a little pinch of salt. i like a little fresh grated nutmeg, it’s just amazing when you grate the nutmeg and it’s fresh and it’s just, uh, big nose. and a pinch of cinnamon. the recipe is on webcenter11.com. you can always find it there. w we set aside our dry ingredients here. we’re going to mix together sugar, a couple of eggs, and a litt



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