Apple Jack Festival

Rose Ralstin and Rebecca Turner talk apple. The Apple Jack Festival is just around the corner!
>> and we have more on applejack festival. >> welcome back, rose. this is one of my favorite festivals. i get to it every year the fall colors the leaves clanging. everything apple, right? >> well, it began with everything apple but it has grown to so much more. can you find all things apple but you can find strawberry, peach. we have wine. we have got several different orchards can you go to and experience not only you peck apples but prepicked and the fall harvest goodies are going to be available. lots of fun activities, though. it all begins on friday. all of our museums are in full swing and we’ve got display at the library hands on science activities. we will have a football game. you can’t have this this time of year and not have your team. we would appreciate that. and we’ll be doing an all can you eats feed and everyone getting geared up for the day. they are 159 cars? >> 259 la



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