Apple Cobbler

Apple cobbler
“better homes and gardens” . >> i’m nancy hopkins with “better homes and gardens” magazine, and i’m with scott peacock today, and we’re doing some american home cooking. we’re making apple cobbler. how do we get started? >> apple cobbler is one of the simplest and most satisfying desserts there is. we’ve got some unbleached flour in the bowl. a litle sugar. >> granulated? >> we’re using gran lated but also some brown sugar as wel. a good pinch of salt, but we’re going to grind our own cinamon, because i think it add as lot to the cobler. you can use a coffee grinder. it’s excellent. >> this is amazing. i’ve never ground cinnamon before. >> it’s easy, and it makes such a difference in the overall flavor, i think. so aromatic. >> it’s incredible. >> just a little bit, just a hint of cinnamon. you don’t want it to overpour the cobler. this is a stick of buter for this cup of flour. you can



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