Anticucho De Corazón Con Papa

We’re cooking Anticucho de Corazón con Papa a la Huancaína with Chef Omar Curi from Los Andes Restaurant.
thanks so much, — poor renee. >> thanks so much. >> let’s head over tove the kitchen. >> omar from los andes back with us this morning, they’re herere on the skewer, what aret they? >> marinated beef heart. >> marinated beef heart. you don’t letyo anything goth to waste. >> no. n >> how do you prepare this. >> this is a hot pepper, it’s not too spicey, purey spicey purepi reed, red vinegar, it marinate for about a day for the flavor, then put onut the grill, south american corn, some boiled potatoes w bereto going to throw on theth grill, redl, bell peppers foror decorations and thisis is roasted peanuts, p ok, pureed all morning. once we finishing cooking it, it will go over the potatoes and a we’ll serve it over of the dish it’s. >> mr. skwrao: all right. i’ve tried just about everything on “the rhode show” and now we’re going to try beef heart. h if you’re making t it’s got to be goo



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