Anniversary Martini

A great martini for the 2 year anniversary of the Rhode Show.
>> in this morning’s delicious drink, we’re celebrating two years of “the rhode show” with “the rhode show” anniversary martini. joing me this morning is ofrn course, jeff talmore from twist on angell. good morning, jeff. >> how are you? >> tell me how to make the drink. >> we’re going to do a o ossroads martini, so we’re going to start with double cross vodka. >> add some of that, as always. >> as always. grandmanier, in honor of the two year anniversary, congratulations to everybodyve here at “the rhodehe show.t ” >> thank you very much. >> splash of malibu. we’re going to do a splash of — >> a little more than a splash. >> you know. a splash of watermelon pucker, and a little blue curacao. >> to get the nice “the rhode”t show” blue color. >> and we’ll let you do the honors. >> my favorite part. in honor of our two years. >> there you go. good work. >> thank you. >> give it a pour. >>



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