Angry Dragon Roll, Ahi Tuna Steak

We’re cooking Angry Dragon Roll and Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna Steak with Miso and Sweet Chili Sauce with Kabuki Japanese Cuisine & Lounge at Pearls Boutique Hotel.
the kitchene, right?, >> we w are. i know where patrick is. he’s in the kitchen. en i don’t need to use the internet tto find that out. >> courtney, you’re cool. ben, you’re creepy. ray, mike fromm kabuki and we’red going to make this, what is it called, angry dragon rolls r today. don’t get angry at me, you havee, a big long sharp knife over there. it’s kind of a two for one special, because not only is it a sushi pla ce,su kabuki,uk but it’s also a group in newport that is s involved withed hotels and dcatering andri such. why do n’t you explain that. >> i’m with pearls boutique hotels, and what we’re doing in with our relationship, we’re going to havego kabuki atbu pearlst boutique hotels, and they are going to be catering our o events, which includes weddings, corporate, andrp family events and e we’re three historicst buildings located in hisd toric newport, we have gorgeous gardens



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