Andiron Steak & Sea Is Doing A Taste Of Spain Chef Dinner

The dinner takes place July 18th in Downtown Summerlin
where to go for tapas is next. >>: welcome back, prepare yourself for tapas as we get a taste of spain. we have executive chef robert from andiron steak here with details on delicacies of the upcoming dinner. it’s no secret, i go to this restaurant a lot. in fact, i am a big fan of chef. >>: thank you. >>: you have on tap one of the coolest dinners i’ve ever heard of.so many delicacies, let’s talk about this sitdown that you’re doing produce may we have a sit down next tuesday, july 18. we are doing what is called a taste of spain, a first course will fbe a flight of tapas goi out to the table served all family-style. over here we have the classic tomato bread with the ham on it. with classic tomato dispatcher. right here we have the pork secretes out with. [inaudible] was charred scallions in the octopus dish with broiled potatoes, a smoked paprika and lemon vinaigrette on top.>>: and y



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