Ancho-Chipotle Chicken

Ancho-Chipotle Chicken
they’re off facebook fan page. we will do our best to get them on the air. >> maybe the president will come on “the hampton roads show.” but for now, chef bob is here. a lot going on. >> good morning. we have christmas in july. i will do the july part first. then we will do the christmas part later. we have a rundown on all of our ingredients. happy belated birthday. >> thank you. >> we have chicken breast, boneless chicken. those are on sale this week. come over to farm fresh. we have some rice vinegar, olive oil, and we are making a rub, chipolte peppers in adobe suace. if you cannot find it, get some chipolte pepper powder in the spice rack. >> and put in ketchup. >> it is like a catch up. good job. we have chili powder and kosher salt. — is like a catketchup. this is a vinaigrette. whabawalnut oil. we toss that together. we put itver a bb arugubaby arugula. >> it sounds delicious. >



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