An Easter Tradition

Besides church and the egg hunt, the food is a big part of many Easter celebrations.
sausages are selling like hot cakes right now. for some… they are as traditional as an easter ham.er news channel 8’s chris velardi has more ohan the ‘scamper’ to get locally-made sausages in new aghaven. [track] for many connecticut families.. easter can’t happen until they’ve gotten to the end of this line. [sot]((1:37 chris: “what’s a bigger easter tradition for you – hiding easter eggs or this?” (off cam: this) debbie ) ie jarecki/madison: “this. it’s a tradition. we’re here every year.” 1:46))[track] thesrae sisters have been coming to this polish deli on grand avenue since they were kids. the wozniak family used to own it.. the ziolos do now.. and the keilbasa is as good as ever.er [sot]((1:57 debbie jarecki/madison: “i don’t know what it is.. but it’s so good. it’s.. i won’t eat any other one. (this is it.) this is it!” 2:07)) [sot]((2:14 cathy deloreto/madison: “i heard they ha



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