An Authentic Italian Deli That Is Closer Than You Think

DeFalco’s will save you a trip to Italy.
sandwich that you will enjoy. we have this recipe for a portobello mushroom sandwich, which sounds delicious. >> yeah, it’s a wonderful sandwich. thanks. and it is, too. it is good, and portobello mushrooms, or portobello, i mean, it’s up for debate which is the proper way to say it. there’s a mushroom council that says — we won’t argue the point. it’s a great sandwich, and it’s a great mushroom, because it’s a meaty mushroom. you can put it on the grill, and it has almost a steak consistency to it. >> so what do we start with? >> we’re going to mayor neat these. i’m going to customer the mushrooms first, i’ve washed these, these are big, aren’t they? i’ve patted them dry with a towel. you want to like wash them quickly, get as much of the debris that may be on here off, and go ahead and just pat it dry so it’s not too wet. because they are absorbent mushrooms. but it makes them good fo



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