America’s Love Affair With Coffee / Beau Bourdon

America’s Love Affair With CoffeenCoffee Connoisseur Beau Bourdon Shares The Latest Trends BrewingnWhen It comes to America’s Favorite Wake-Up Calln150 million Americans can’t be taken lightly. But the coffee they drink can be… From light to dark, decaf to regular, America loves the coffee they drink; and given the fact that 65% of Americans who drink coffee do so in the morning, chances are they’re waking up to a cup while doing something else they love starting their day with… the morning news!
It is a trend that’s been brewing forking for a few years, america’s love affair for gourmet coffee but one thing is changing where they are geting the coffee. A lot of you are brewing your favorite cup of joe at home. Joing us to share insight into the latest blends is bea u bourdon. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnThis is one of my favorite subjects, coffee. I am one of these with a love affair with coffee. Why do so many people love their coffee, realy, kind of all day, i think?nnWell, coffee has been a important part of american life since the revolutionary war. We immediately switched to coffee at the start of the war, switched away from tea and been on coffee ever since. Nowdays americans actually consume more coff than the rest of the world put together at over 400 million cups consumed every day in america.nnI am doing my part. Beau, is itth taste of coffee or purely the caffeine w



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